It is especially important to us to develop nutritional supplements that clearly stand out from the rest of the sports nutrition market in aspects such as effect, taste, solubility, and mouthfeel. Therefore, we rely on the cooperation with true luminaries of food technology in all development and production processes and fall back on the latest scientific findings, so that we can always provide you with the best possible support in the form of high-quality products.
We also consider the factors of environment, sustainability and fair working conditions.

For the years we have been working only with proven ingredients and carefully control quality and safety
of product at all stages: from the supplier to the end consumer.

Unlike other supplement companies that cut corners, use unsafe ingredients, or spike their supplements with cheap ingredients, My clinic and Heavy Boys® formulates each product with nothing but pure, high quality and clinically
researched amounts of superior ingredients.

All warehouses of finished products and ingredients for its production are equipped with remote monitoring systems of the temperature and humidity level regulation - it provides ideal storage conditions.

We care about our customers, so we scrupulously control the quality of My clinic and Heavy Boys nutrition products.

The following state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops are part of the Research-and-Development Centre: Instrumental Analysis, Chemical Analysis, Micro-biology,
Tissue Analysis, Molecular modelling, Cardiac-stress tests, Sensory analysis, Formulation analysis on the laboratory and semi-industrial scales.

The academic activities of the Research and Development Centre.
The high quality is confirmed by the awards and certificates given to olimp labs by certifying institutions as well as scientific and consumer communities.



In MY CLINIC NUTRITION WE ONLY SELECT BEST SOURCE OF RAW MATERIALS.We rely on high-quality products with patented and certified ingredients .
Whether it's healthy fitness muesli from certified organic farming, plant-based vegan capsule products or lactose-, gluten- or aspartame-free proteins - Heave Boys helps you to promote your
training and your diet in a healthy way.