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What should be considered when paying by credit card?

Credit card payment is only possible with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. For credit card orders over € 200,
there may be a delivery delay of up to 72 hours due to a credit card check. Wire cards and pre-paid credit cards can
only be charged up to €200.
According to the specifications of the credit card company, the billing address must match the delivery address.
The invoice recipient must be identical to the credit card holder.

Why can’t I enter my credit card details?

One reason can be a new privacy policy in connection with the use of an old browser.
You now have the following options:
choose another payment method
use a current browser
Background: Since May 7th, 2018, the use of TLS versions before TLS 1.2 has been discontinued.
Only connections secured by means of TLS 1.2 are then still permitted, but this is supported
by all current versions of the common browsers. Version 3.1 or 3.2 of the Payment Card Industry
Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) published by the PCI Security Standards Council contains revised
specifications to provide even better protection for customer payment data.
The update is a reaction to the vulnerabilities that became known at the end of 2014 that affect the
integrity of the SSL protocol and TLS.

I was contacted because my credit card could not be charged.

The credit card debit takes place during the ordering process.
We only have the following data: Master, Visa or American Express card.
You can give the details over the phone and we’ll try to charge you again.
Please note that the billing address must match the delivery address.
Alternatively, we will cancel the order and you can place a new order or you
can pay in advance or via Paypal.


My PayPal payment didn’t work, I wasn’t forwarded. What is the further procedure?

Please check your PayPal account for a debit. This is immediately visible in the PayPal account.
If no debit is recorded there, you can be sure that no transaction took place. If a direct debit is
visible, please send us the transaction code – consisting of numbers and letters. Contact form
(see button below “Contact us”)

Manual PayPal payment:
Please log into your PayPal account: https://www.paypal.com/de/signin
Press the “Send money” button.
Please enter the amount to be paid in EURO or if your in UK paid in GBP
On the following page, please enter your order number in the subject line and send the payment.


What should be considered when making payments from abroad?
If paying to a currency account, please contact us using the button below.
We do not assume any transfer fees and may request them later. Orders from UK are
automatically redirected to https://www.MYCLINIC-SPORT.com